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About Me

 A Little about me...

 Based in Australia I grew up tagging along with my mother in opp shops as a kid but wasn't until my later years that i began to appreciate the joy of discovery, and now a days the importance of sustainability.
I've spent most of my days as an artist, a painter mostly, became a mother and was on a hunt to find something I could grow whilst working from home and being creative.
after selling a few items online I joined a few bohemian tribes and discovered many bohemian brand labels that i grew to love! with this fashion trend i also discovered many woman looking for those unique vintage pieces to go with their outfits so my hunt began to provide this as I focused on Bohemian fashion, lifestyle and sustainability all in one.
you will find many popular brands that i love myself some very rare pieces too that have been collected, used or never worn at all, all needing new homes and the love they deserve. however I mainly specialize in vintage pieces that make the perfect addition to your bohemian outfits!
I love being able to incorporate my artistic ability and you will find some unique pieces i have designed and created for you.
love and light